Friday, December 07, 2012

Still Figuring This Out

As I mentioned when we first fired the generators back up a few weeks, things around here are going to be a little different.  And while we are working hard to find the right balance of time, the GameTime, TBD© are not up and running at full speed yet. We are still trying to figure somethings out. Unfortunately, that means there will not be a full Link Dump for you this week.

That being said, as with the days of old, we do not want to leave you completely empty handed on a Friday.  We thought it might be fun to give you a little conversation starter for you and your friends this weekend.  You know what has been going around lately? The pregnancy bug.  A lot of famous ladies (and not-so-famous, but equally awesome, ladies) are expecting; some sooner than others.  And several of these ladies are favorites around these parts of the world wide web.  So we thought, what better way to you through your Friday than with a round of Marry-[Censored]-Kill: The Pregnancy Edition.  Now, do not fear, we are not going to put any pictures up here of round bellies.  Your choice will be made pre-baby bump.  [Editor's Note: who loves you?]  Though, admittedly, one of our contestants looks quite striking with her bump.  So I ask you, dear readers, of the following three choices, who would you marry, [censored], and kill:  (1) Marisa Miller; (b) Kristen Bell; and (iii) Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (fka Kate Middleton . . . nothing like a little royalty).

Now, with the year coming to an end, the internet becomes inundated with "best of" lists, "top __" lists, etc.  And some people actually get pretty creative with there entries.  So, for your viewing pleasure, we bring you an incredibly well put together eight-minute mash-up of the fifty (50) most popular pop songs of 2012.

 Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Road Game!

So, about a month-and-a-half ago, My Better Half casually mentioned she would be going to Las Vegas for work in late-November/early-December.  Naturally, I assumed she meant some mid-week conference at the MGM Grand or something.  Well, here I am, writing this Link Dump from the comfort of my Bellagio room while My Better Half learns the intricacies of health care accreditation twenty-three floors below.  Query: how early is too early to be playing Three Card Poker by yourself?  Road games rule!

Speaking of road games, while I was flying the friendly skies with Mike Tyson (#humblebrag), apparently Greg Popovich caused a little stir in the NBA by opting to rest his four best players at the end of the Spurs' second lengthy road trip of this young season.  Not content with having already ruined one professional sports league, David Stern did what David Stern does best and went off the deep end.  You see, David Stern is absolutely convinced he is the smartest person in all of sports . . . hell, he might believe he is the smartest person in the world . . . so he obviously knows what is best for everybody.  So he gets a little testy when someone does something that is actually smart, but goes against what he believes is smart.  So Stern felt the need to apologize to NBA fans (all five of them) and declared the Spurs organization will face "substantial sanctions" for Pop's actions.  No, admittedly, I am no NBA fan.  And I realize that Stern has built the "success" of the NBA around its individual superstars and the teams.  This, however, is just riDONKulous.

Davie, level with me, would you not rather have the Spurs, one of the more popular franchises in the league, ready to make a deep playoff run when all the games are nationally televised?  I think one regular season game is worth that cost.  Especially when you look at the scheduling you gave the Spurs.  It was to be their fourth game in five nights, and fifth game in seven.  Meanwhile, the Heat had been sitting at home since Saturday.  The Spurs have already played eleven games on the road; the Heat have played twelve games . . . total.  You have to think that type of scheduling is not good for one of the older teams in the league.  So do not act so surprised that one of the league's best coaches did the smart thing for the good of his team, which, last time I checked, is who is signing is paycheck.  And it seems a little disingenuous that you get upset over one regular season game when, for years, you have let franchises tank entire seasons to get a high lottery pick (see, e.g., the Cavaliers trying to get your beloved Bron-Bron). Look, if I go to an NBA game (don't ask me the last time that was), I want to see the best game possible, which implies the teams will play their best players.  But my tickets does not provide me an absolute guarantee that will happen; I get what I get.  I have seen some good teams get blown out by crappy teams with their entire roster, while the Heat needed a last-second three to beat the Spurs last night.  So, Davie, if you are going to run this league for another ten years (really?), I think you best get over yourself and learn to appreciate when a coach like Pop is honest.

Boy, I got a little fired up there.  If you did not notice, I am not exactly a big David Stern fan.  I do partially blame him for the problems of the NHL and, let us be honest, he is kind of a douche.  So, while I do some laps around the room to calm myself down, here are some things you might have missed to help get you through your Friday afternoon:
  • I have watched this gif roughly eleventy billion times and it never gets old.  You. Are. Welcome.
  • Mike Fisher, just the latest casualty of the NHL lockout.  MAN DOWN!
  • You see . . . I . . . uh . . . well . . . 
  • Two years for teabagging?  How are Louisiana prisons not grossly overpopulated?
  • Survey shows college basketball players are (1) liars, and (b) have terrible taste in women.
  • Good thing that suspension is with pay.  Otherwise, how could he take Tulsa Minus-2.5 in the Conference USA title game?
  • When we last spoke, we told you about Eric Berry's fear of horses.  Today, we top that.
  • Nothing says exciting NBA basketball like Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Keep up the good work Davie.
  • I think the real story here is that Michael Jordan is still wearing cargo shorts . . . in 2012.
  • It is like always say, if you are going to get busted for a DUI, do it in style.  [Editor's Note: we never say that.]
  • This should end well for every other Denver-area female high school swimmer.
  • Go time!
  • Everybody loves a good tease . . .
  • What ever happened to beer pong being the sport of gentlemen?
  • Yeah, this is happening!
Speaking of road games (is there an echo in here?), my Bruins shoot for a trip to the Rose Bowl tonight in the Pac-12 title game tonight at Stanford.  Not going to lie, I am more than a little nervous about this game after what went down six short days ago.  I think it is best I get up and try to work off some of this nervous energy (hey, is that a Three Card Poker table?) and maybe see which way the line has moved since last night.  As for you guys, hope these clips selected for your viewing enjoyment help get you through your Friday with a smile on your face:
  • Nothing says own goal like IN THE FACE!
  • Turns out the laws of physics are alive and well in pee wee football.
  • Not gonna lie, the Will Arnett looks pretty yummy . . . and I bet the drink is good too.  [Editor's Note: if you haven't watched the 30-for-30 short on Arnold Schwarzanegger, do yourself a favor and check it out.]
  • Who knew a name could be so hypnotizing?
  • I will be honest, if this happened to me I would totally soil myself.  Yes, I am a wuss.
  • As someone who has taken his fair share of tumbles on ice, I appreciate this video.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2012

How Does This Work Again?

[*dusts off keyboard*]

How does one go about apologizing to his thousands hundreds dozens handful of loyal readers after inexcusably disappearing for over a year?

Well, for starters, I think I would say that if you are actually here reading this, I truly appreciate you sticking around all this time.  Then, I would let you know about how painful this past year was, both in terms of not being able to bring you the Pulitzer-worthy writings you had grown to love and expect from my little corner of the world wide web, and the actual reason I became so suddenly unavailable.  Finally, I would tell you how sorry I am, hope you can forgive me, and promise I am a changed man and that things will be better than they were before my indiscretion (cause, you know, apparently this is now also Lifetime's next drama about a lover scorned . . . don't worry, I didn't spend the last year trying to make up for sins committed against My Better Half; a wise man knows when he has massively out-kicked his coverage and does everything in his power not to screw that up.)

Long story short, people left our firm, which resulted in a little game I like to call "Shuffle the Associates."  Now, I work by a motto my father taught me: "Work Hard; Have Fun; Make Money."  The theory is, if you work hard, and have a little fun while doing it, you are going to be successful (make money).  Well, when the game came to an end, I end up being assigned to partner of firm whose motto, if he had one, would be: "Work Hard, Work Harder, You're Not Working Hard Enough, WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM WITH WORK?"  This might come as a surprise to you, but it turns out that is (1) not a fun environment to work in, (b) may cause some employees to resent you; and (iii) does not create a very productive work experience (shocking, right?).  While I never let it break me, it certainly did restrict my ability to enjoy the creative outlet that is GameTime, TBD©.  I kept fighting the good fight, grinding it out, and eventually I was able to find my way onto a team with a partner whose operating philosophy is more in line with mine.  In the words of William Wallace . . . FREEDOM!!!!!!!

Now, I can not guarantee it will be business as usual around these parts.  I have got to find my mojo again; and there will certainly be times when work gets in the way; but I love sharing my wisdom with you all too much to not make this happen.  So much has happened in the past year, I have plenty of ideas on how to make GameTime, TBD© better than ever, both in terms of user experience and content.  In just writing these first few paragraphs, I can already feel the excitement returning.  So stick around, it is bound to be a great show.

Well I finish getting things back up and running, reaching out to my contacts, and crafting my battle plan for continuing world domination, here are some things you might have missed from the past week to get you through your Friday afternoon.  That is right, my dear readers, it is Link Dump time:
  • It is rivalry week here in Los Angeles, so naturally this and this happened.  GO BRUINS!
  • Dear NCAA, Just a friendly reminder that your mission is to protect student athletes and their future.  Kthxbye.
  • Somewhere Herm Edwards is reminding people "You PLAY. TO WIN. THE GAME."
  • When do the owners cancel Gary Bettman's life?
  • Surprising absolutely no one, this happened at a Cleveland Browns game.  Oh, Cleveland.
  • Last time I checked a map, Cincinnati and Louisville were west of Philadelphia.  Did someone re-align the country again without telling me?   
  • Hey bro, probably should have thought this one through a little more before going to print.
  • Not very often you can say a team scored 104 points in a high school football game and did not run up the score.
  • With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the end of the year is nearly upon.  And that means all those "Best of the Year" lists the Chief hates so much.  Like this one, that proves sports and innuendos go hand-in-hand.
  • Speaking of Thanksgiving, that means it is time for Black Friday sales.  If you are headed to Williams Sonoma, here is some advice.
  • In non-sports related news, do yourself a favor and check out the image.
I guess it is true what they say, some things in life truly are just like riding a bike.  You get back on and get going. [Editor's Note: that's what she said!]  It feels really good to be back in the driver's seat, so let us keep this party train moving forward.  First we tickled your brain, now we tickle your eyes . . . and may a few other places:
  • When we last spoke, "model" Melanie Iglesias was flipbooking her way into your heart with some Halloween costumes.  As luck would have, she released a new flipbook today in an effort to untz-untz her way back into your heart.
  • What, was Rebecca Black not available?
  • I am sorry, what?
  • Nice tats boss . . . oh, and that goal was pretty solid too.  [Editor's Note: speaking of tats, wow . . . just wow . . .]
  • You see . . . I . . . uh . . . well . . .
  • Exactly how does one break a rib and three vertebrae?  Oh, that does not look like fun.
  • Current favorite word of the week: equinophobia.
  • What do you get when cross the Galapagos Islands with the Miss Reef calendar girls?  One ass-tastic piece of art.
Man, it feels good to be back.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Big Boy Work Day

As you all know by now, an early edition of GameTime, TBD©'s world-renowned (might be a slight exaggeration) Link Dump is never a good sign.  Unfortunately, the Chief is off doing "big boy" work today, so we are without our fearless leader.
But do not think you are going to be left completely empty-handed on this fine Friday.  Before heading out the door this morning, the Chief proclaimed: "It's Halloween weekend.  Make sure they at least get a pic of a celebrity in a sexy Halloween costume and some Halloween-related videos or something."  What a guy, right?  Always looking out you, our dear readers.
After significant "research", it turns out there are not a lot of A-list celebrities who have been photographed wearing your average "Slutty _______" costume.  That was quite upsetting.  We refuse to associate the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton with this classy establishment, so that has brought us to Annalyne McCord of [*googles Annalyne McCord*] the new 90210 fame.  Ms. McCord wins out because she rocked a sexy Batgirl for Halloween back in 2009 and, since we are comic book nerds (shocking, I know), that works for us.
As for the videos, well, we will just let them speak for themselves:
  • In non-Halloween fail-related news, (1) a trampoline-to-pool jump ends with predictable results, and (b) not exactly the type of impression you want to make at freshmen orientation.
  • Melanie Iglesias is "famous" for being a "model" and making "flipbook-style" videos of her changing in and out of clothing.  She was nice enough to make a "Halloween Edition" of the flipbook video, which is nice because she apparently considers bikinis to be acceptable "costumes".  [Editor's Note: new record for excessive quotation mark usage . . . go us!]
  • Some people have way too much time on their hands.  Thankfully, some of those some people use their time for awesomeness.
Have a great weekend everyone!  Ladies, do not forget to treat your men to that "Slutty ________" costume they have been not-so-subtly hinting at for the past month. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

When Fantasy Meets Reality . . .

. . . the Chief folds like a cheap hooker who got hit in the stomach by a fat guy with sores on his face . . . or something like that.

[Editor's Note: If you missed the Chief's 2011-2012 Los Angeles Kings Season Preview, which went up Tuesday, do yourself a favor and check it out.]
Between Monday and Wednesday of this week, I was asked for my take on the Jim Schwartz-Jim Harbaugh brewhaha roughly eleventy billion times.  Needless to say, it was a perfect topic for the Link Dump introduction.  But by Wednesday I was a little tired of talking about it (yes, they're both to blame; no, it wasn't that big of deal, let's move on . . . oh, and Harbaugh's a jag-bag . . . now we'll move on).  So, I am not going to lie, I was kind of hoping something would come up between then and now that I could talk about instead.
And, as usual, the blog-o-sphere Gods came through in the clutch.
We have often discussed the Chief's "Top 5" here on GameTime, TBD©.  For the uninitiated, the Chief's "Top 5" is a list comprised of the five female celebrities the Chief would have a "hall pass" from my Better Half if the "opportunity" ever arose.  [Editor's Note: Don't worry, she has her list too; we're an equal opportunity household.]  While the list changes slightly from time to time (the bottom two slots usually rotate to the newest "it girl"), the top three have remained the same for quite some time:  (1) Marisa Miller (naturally), (b) today's Link Dump introduction (cliff hanger!!!!), and (iii) Kelly Ripa (I can't explain it, there's just something there).  I am sure our more avid readers already know who our mystery woman is; I mean she has shown up on this site once or twice before.  For those of you who do not, shame on you.
With the Chief desperate for a new introduction topic to magically fall into his lap, imagine what his surprise when, on Wednesday afternoon, not only did a new topic fall into his lap, the topic involved his "Top 5".  On Wednesday afternoon, the GameTime, TBD© office received a tenant notice email from the building managers, as we do from time to time (wow, twice in one post?).  Usually the email is about fire drills, elevator maintenance, protest alerts, lame things like that.  But this email was different, for this email read:
We have been informed that filming for the upcoming movie Underworld IV, staring Kate Beckinsale, will  be taking place this Thursday, October 20, 2011 from 6pm until 6am Friday morning.  The film crew has secured a City permit for the closing of the alley. This closure will affect the parking ally entrance and exit.  Once again the alley will close at 6pm on Thursday and all access to the parking structure will be from Figueroa Street.
If you read past the first line of that email then, congratulations, you got farther than the Chief did.  The Chief was clearly focused on one thing: this woman, number two on his list, was possibly going to be in the alley right behind the GameTime, TBD© offices.  There was an immediate call for an Underwold movie marathon (slightly weird) as part of an office slumber party (slightly more weird) all so the Chief could possibly make a move on a married woman filming scenes for a movie directed by her husband (good luck with that).  Thankfully, the Chief realized that the email did not state she WOULD be part of the filming, so he relented on the plans.  But it should surprise absolutely no one that, all day yesterday, the Chief could "feel her presence", like he was a jedi knight or something.
Now that the night has passed, the Chief is on a mission to verify that Ms. Beckinsale was not here yesterday to put his mind at ease about a "missed opportunity".  So, while we humor the poor guy by going to talk with some of the production crew still cleaning up the alley, here are some stories you might have missed from the week that was:
  • Sometimes almost being traded can be a miracle in disguise.  Just ask Jerome Harrison.
  • Scam artists posing as famous athletes have been fooling the public for years: a pudgy sex offender pretending to be Vince Young, a petty thief claiming he was Ben Roethlisberger, Jay Cutler posing as an NFL quarterback, etc . . . 
  • Looks like Green Bay wide-receivers should have some pretty sweet entertainment centers by the end of the season.
  • Allow me to be the first to welcome Bill Simmons aboard the Los Angeles Kings bandwagon.  At least I think that is what he is trying to say in this article about the NHL that seems to be about the NBA.
  • What do you get when a newspaper, owned by a church that believed in black racial inferiority until 1978, writes an article about a predominantly black sport? This.
  • Dwight Gooden confirms what we already knew/expected about Dwight Gooden.
  • "Vegas loves long shots" . . .  except when said long shots are about to cost them some money.
  •  There is always someone else to blame, right Charlie?
  • Who knew getting drunk and throwing pointy objects at a wall could be so lucrative?  Having already mastered one of those, maybe I should consider a career change.  I mean, how hard is it to throw pointy objects?
  • This is why I do not play professional sports.  [Editor's Note: right, that's why . . .]
We like to track our pageview data to see what topics tend to get us the most traffic and, surprising to some, our Kings season preview picked up a decent amount of traffic.  It should be interesting to see how Ms. Becksinsale stacks up (she certainly is stacked) against the Kings when this Dump goes to print.  Speaking of things to see (smooth transition as always), here are some videos to help your Friday afternoon fly by:
  • Ever wonder what a squash ball hit 175 mph would do to a guy's back?  Me neither.  Nevertheless, we do now.
  • Being the topper that I am, it is safe to say that when my yet-to-be-conceived child (don't want the 'rents to get the wrong idea) is old enough, we will crush this impressive Hot Wheels track.  [Editor's Note: eh, who am I kidding, I will probably do it this weekend.]
  • I do not know about you, but I sure hate when someone posts video of me doing an awesome skateboard trick without my knowledge.
  • The song in this video is terrible, the brunette dressed up as a referee in said video is not.  That is all.
  • It is questions like this that prevent me from ever being able to go on Family Feud.
  • Dirt Bike: 1, Random Chick: 0.
  • I am guessing that crocodile will reconsider going after the full-grown adult elephant next time.
  • Note to self, dinosaurs on steroids are scary.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Second Verse, Same As The First

[Editor's Note:  yes, I know the NHL regular season is a week old now, but I know you all are still dying to know what lies ahead for the Los Angeles Kings this season, right? RIGHT?]
It seems like only yesterday (probably cause I was still blacked-out until yesterday) that my friends and my Better Half teamed up to secretly add multiple ounces of sake to my beer before boisterously declaring it was time for another round of sake bombs on what was (from what I remember) a truly epic thirtieth birthday celebration.  Sadly though, the big three-one is already right around corner (December 17th . . . *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink*) and, as Father Time prepares to put another tick mark next my name, I find myself having more and more adult-like thoughts . . . and it scares me.
Though I refuse to admit it around my Better Half (so don't go telling on me), I do actually find myself thinking more and more about what it will be like to have kids.  And what emotion do these thoughts evoke the most?  Fear, pure fear.  It is not a general fear about having kids.  Nah, I am pretty down with that thought.  Rather, it is fear that arises from being a self-aware individual that knows his shortcomings and knows that many of these shortcomings fly directly in the face of what I know I can expect once I become a father.  Having had the privilege of watching my siblings and siblings-in-law raise multiple future hockey players and/or GameTime, TBD© writers, I have gained a general understanding of what goes into to raising a monster child.  Sadly, it means I have also gained an understanding of where the challenges are going to lie.  Most notably, while I am known for my patience, one thing I absolutely hate having to do is repeat myself.  Can not stand it; I get uber-frustrated uber-quickly when I have to repeat myself.  So, that should make years two through eighteen pretty fun when the time comes, right?
So, as a man who hates to repeat himself, imagine my frustration when I sat down to prepare my 2011-2012 Los Angeles Kings Season Preview and I realized I could pretty much regurgitate everything I wrote when previewing the 2010-2011 season.  I mean, do not get me wrong, it was a great preview.  Plus, as it turns out, I was pretty much spot on with everything I wrote.  To summarize, I stated that for the Kings' 2010-2011 season to be successful, they must (1) maintain their regular-season closing ability, (b) learn to close in the playoffs, and (iii) improve their five-on-five scoring.  I also predicted Jonathan Bernier would be the Kings' breakout player of the year.  So, how did the season play out?  Well:
  • Regular-season closing:  like the year prior, the 2010-2011 Kings managed at least one point in every game they led after two periods, going 26-0-1 (.963 win percentage), which was third best in the league.  They also were able to go 16-9-3 in games that were tied after two periods (.571 win percentage).  The 2010-2011 Kings proved they could still close in the regular season.
  • Playoff closing: after earning their second-straight trip to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Kings showed they had learned nothing from the year before.  As evidence, look no further than their game three collapse against San Jose in which they blew leads of 4-0 and 5-3 in the second period alone.  Once they lost that one, it was pretty clear that a first-round exit was inevitable and out in six they were.
  • Five-on-five scoring:  well, the Kings offense was far from pretty last year.  If it was not for their spectacular defense (6th overall, 4th-best penalty kill, fewest power-play goals allowed), the Kings would not have made the playoffs.  Their offense was offensive, finishing 25th in the league overall and 21st on the power play.  The Kings managed only 148 goals five-on-five last year (17th best in the league) and scored only 209 goals total.
  • Breakout player:  I chose our back-up goalie as our breakout player because I thought he would reduce the burden on Jonathan Quick by serving as a productive back-up goalie.  Bernier started 22 games last season, posting an 11-8-3 record with a respectable 2.48 goals-against average and .913 save percentage.  This allowed Quick to play in eleven fewer games and post career bests in goals-against average (2.24) and save percentage (.918).
So, at the risk of ticking myself off, the keys to the Kings 2011-2012 season are (1) maintaining their ability to close in the regular season, (b) learning to close in the playoffs, and (iii) improving their five-on-five scoring.  [Editor's Note: is there an echo in here?]  Thankfully, the Kings have Dean Lombardi, the best general manager in hockey, who spent the entire offseason making sure the Kings would not have a repeat season.  To be fair, the Kings offense took a major hit when they lost Anze Kopitar to a broken ankle with seven games left in the season.  But those seven games did not stop them from being a top-twenty offense.  And DL did try to address the scoring issues before Kopitar went down by acquiring Dustin Penner from Edmonton for a pile of [expletive deleted] at the trade deadline (jury is still out on who got the better deal).  But to be extra sure the offense improves this season, DL went on a shopping spree, trading uber-prospect Braden Schenn and fan-favorite Wayne Simmonds to Philadelphia for stud-center Mike Richards, signing veteran-winger Simon Gagne, re-signing franchise-defenseman Drew Doughty, and adding veteran depth/locker room leadership with the under-the-radar signings of Ehtan Moreau and Trent Hunter.
When all was said-and-done this offseason, the Kings had added $114.6 million in salary.  Ironically, Philip Anschutz-owned AEG bought the Kings out of bankruptcy in 1995 for only $113.25 million.  The addition of Richard and Gagne should, assuming Penner got himself into shape this offseason (jury is still out on that), give the Kings something they have lacked since the Gretzky era: two legitimate scoring lines and depth down the middle with Kopitar, Richards, and Jarret Stoll.  To top it all off, the Kings still have the cap space to add yet another top-six winger before the trade deadline if necessary (Zach Parise should would look nice in a Kings uniform).  By re-signing Doughty, the Kings are returning the same defensive group that allowed only 2.39 goals per game last year.  Add to that the fact the Kings have two number one goaltenders again this year, and you have yourself the makings of a pretty exciting season . . . at least on paper.  I guess it should come as no surprise that some experts have the Kings making their second Stanley Cup Finals appearance in franchise history.
Which brings me to this year's breakout player, the guy who is going to play the biggest role in helping the Kings get over the hump.  It is probably cheating to pick Mike Richards, what, since he already has two thirty-goal seasons, has scored 349 points in six season, and was the captain of the Flyers the last two seasons.  So I am going to go out on a limb and say this years breakout player is Simon Gagne.  Sure, Gagne is a two-time forty-goal scorer, but he has spent the better part of the last two seasons battling through injury and trying to regain his scoring touch.  If healthy, he will find that scoring touch.  It helps that he is being reunited with Richards, his former linemate during part of his ten seasons in Philadelphia.  I expect Gagne to net at least twenty-five goals this season, and if he plays in seventy-plus games, thirty is not out of the question.  Production like that gives the Kings two productive scoring lines to contend with come playoff time.
Come playoff time?  You bet your [expletive deleted] the Kings are headed back to the playoffs.  Expectations are again high for the Kings and, as was previously noted, so are mine.  I am both excited and nervous for the eighty-two games [Editor's Note: 78 . . .] that lie ahead because, for the first time in a long time (ever?), it is not just my bias that believes the Kings have legitimate shot at a run for the Cup.  Anything thing less than a deep playoff run will be a disappoint to most of the fans, myself included, and could actually spell the end of reign of Murray II.  I think they have what it takes this year, which means, come May/June, I fully expect to see Commissioner Bettman handing Lord Stanley's Cup to Dustin Brown.
And if that were to happen, maybe I will have my own future-hockey player/GameTime, TBD© writer come March 2013 . . . wait, what?

Friday, October 07, 2011

It's Back, And So Are We (Almost)

It has been exactly one hundred and sixty-five days--that is five months and twelve days for those of you not willing to count--since the San Jose Sharks end our beloved Los Angeles Kings 2010-2011 season in the first round of the playoffs.  And while some friends of the program [*cough* Ballgame *cough*] are too busy dancing around in fields of dandelions to notice, in a little over twenty-three minutes, the puck will drop on the Kings' 2011-2012 season and their first legitimate shot at a run for the Stanley Cup since a guy named Gretzky played here.
I know what you are thinking right about now: "A ten a.m. faceoff? The NHL has truly lost its mind."  Well, yes and no.  It is a ten a.m. faceoff because the game is being played in Stockholm, Sweden.  This is both cool and lame.  Cool, because it is fun to see the NHL share its talent with the world; lame, because it falls at the start of the work day here in California and, more importantly to our avid readers, in the middle of when the Chief should be putting the finishing touches on your weekly source of entertainment known as our Link Dump.
Well, needless to say, the Chief is far too preoccupied this morning with the expectations of the season to get around to a Link Dump for everyone, but at our "staff" meeting last night he made a few announcements that we are excited to share with you all today:  (1) the Chief's always entertaining season preview is in its final stages of preparation (blame Drew Doughty) and should be up and running sometime this weekend; (b) with expectations high for this year's team, the Chief has decided to it would be enjoyable for all of you to feel what he feels throughout the course of the season and will be writing weekly, if not more frequent, season updates for your enjoyment; and (iii) since he could not find the time to get you a Link Dump, the Chief at least was willing to find time to find a way (that's a lot of finding he did) to get you all somewhat interested in the start of the Kings season, with a little help from Kings Ice Girl Gabby.  It truly is summer all year long in Southern California.
The Chief also want me to reassure all of you that GameTime, TBD© is not about to become a Kings-only site; we will to our best to continue our Link Dumps and touch upon any major sports-related topic that may arise in the normal course of business.  For example, do not forget to tune in to Monday Night Football this coming Monday, when Jay Cutler may ACTUALLY die on the football field when his offensive line-less Chicago Bears travel to Detroit for the much anticipated (at least by the Chief) showdown with the Lions.
In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 23, 2011

No Time; There's Never Any Time . . .

There is so much to talk about these days but, unfortunately, we do not have any time to talk about them . . . at least today.
First and foremost, we had an unexcused absence last week, and for that we apologize.  The Chief got hauled of to Chicago for actual work and, well, nothing happens around these parts without the Chief's say.  He was originally supposed to have time last Friday morning to finalize a short message but instead tried to catch an earlier flight home.  You can not blame a man for trying to get back to Southern California early, can you? 
What is that? You can?  Hmmm . . . I will make sure to pass that information along.
Unfortunately, actual work is also going to keep us from bringing you a full fledged Link Dump this week as well.  It is sad, really, because there is so much for us to talk about.  The Detroit Lions are back; the Los Angeles Kings played their first preseason game (hockey's back!); it is Bruce Springsteen's birthday today; the Boston Red Sox are in the middle of an epic end-of-season collapse which has decimated our once-promising experiment; we could go on and on and on.  But it was not meant to be today.  We. Are. Sorry.  Hopefully Marisa can cleanse us of our guilt (see what I did there?).
So, while we are not bringing you a full Link Dump this week, we thought we would at least provide you with some videos to help get you through your Friday.  Better than nothing, right?
  • Take it from someone who has been there, nothing good comes from being the straight-gay friend.
  • A look at what the Chief does in his spare time.  He is talented like that.  [Editor's Note: yes, I know a million other things ran through your head about what the Chief does in his spare time . . .]
  • I knew Alec was hiding from his brothers!
  • "Ain't no way, yo!"
  • FIFA 12 is coming out soon for your preferred game system, and EA Sports has mercilessly abused my man crush on both Steve Nash and Landon Donovan to promote it.
  • I have no idea what this event is, but at least Joey is okay.
  • Keep your eye on the ball kid.  Well done.
  • Last night was the 300th edition of JKL's "Unnecessary Censorship", and apparently someone in the audience really liked hearing Mr. Rogers fake swear.
  • Secondary highlight of this video: "Craig Jams 4 Senataur (paid 4 by espn)"
  • What better way to learn the rules of rugby than from scantily-clad/oiled-up ladies?  You. Are. Welcome.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 09, 2011

Dear God, It's Beautiful!

[Editor's Note: the title of this post is to be read like this, not like you're in a church service.  That is all.]
College football started last weekend, the NFL officially kicked off last night, the NHL returns in a month, and it is still bikini season in Southern California.  Life.  Is.  Good.
Another little-known highlight of this time of year is watching the Chief's great debate over fantasy football.  I am not talking about him agonizing over which player to draft when (to be honest, I've always been impressed with his "just tell me who's been injured and I'll go from there" attitude when drafting).  No, the Chief's great debate is always over how many leagues he should join.  It is comical.  Every year around early-August, the first invite comes in and, invariably, the Chief announces "I'm cutting back this year; it's time."  So, it is time for us to ask the question: Chief, how did that "cutting back" go this year?
Survey says . . . [click].
On Wednesday, the Chief entered the GameTime, TBD© offices with quite the serious look on his face.  Asked what the problem was, the Chief merely shook his head in disgust and responded "I just agreed to join a sixth fantasy football league."  You read that right, his SIXTH (6th) fantasy football league.  So much for cutting back.  To be fair, up until Tuesday, the Chief had done a mighty fine job of limiting himself to the four leagues he considers most important: (1) the sixteenth season with his high school friends; (b) the big money "actual work" league that he has dominated for four years; (iii) a keeper league with GameTime, TBD© regulars Moneybags, Ballgame, and the rest of the extended-college crew; and (4) a league full of jackasses (true story).  Little did the chief know that, on Wednesday morning, Grantland was going to introduce the world to a new type of fantasy football:  The Bad Quarterback League.  I kid you not when I say that, within minutes of that article being posted, the Chief's email and gchat exploded with invitations to join a Bad Quarterback League ("BQL").  How could he possibly resist a new type of league?  I will not lie, the fact he was able to limit himself to only two BQLs is a bit of a miracle in-and-of-itself.  But, nevertheless, here we are, one day into the 2011 NFL season and the Chief is juggling six different teams.  Come December, the Chief is either going to be rolling in the dough, or having that awkward conversation with My Better Half about why her Christmas gift is going to be a little smaller than normal.
My oh my, it is going to be a stressful season for the Chief.  But if there is one thing you know to be true, the Chief will never root for a player when facing his beloved Detroit Lions, no matter what is on the line.  So, while help the Chief sort through his various rosters and make those final starting line-up decisions, here are some things you might have missed to help get you through your Friday afternoon:
  • This one goes out to all of you who are (1) fans of the Lions, and (b) fans of an attractive woman wearing practically nothing.  [Editor's Note: is underboob considered NSFW?]
  • If you have not heard (what, do you live in a cave?), the Chief's man crush is missing a game for the first time in his career . . . and that is a tough break for Rick Reilly.
  • Arian Foster might not care what you think about his fantasy stats, but the NFL certainly does.
  • Do not know which teams to bet on this weekend?  When all else fails, look to the WAGs.
  • Just when I thought you could not possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this . . . and totally one up yourself.  Thank you, Canada.
  • Women set record for world's longest hockey game.  Ten days long? Man, that is a lot of periods.
  • Ah yes, the old "Do you know who I am?" defense.  Never seems to work out like you expect it to.
  • "Should Notre Dame's Coach Be Fired for Cursing?"  Yes, you read that correctly.
  •  Your sports-related "Good Samaritan of the Week" award goes to these two college football players.
  • Which, naturally, leads us to our sports-related "Not-So-Good Samaritan of the Week" award . . . look at that face, is anyone really surprised?
  • Speaking of faces, look at this face.  It screams cheater, does it not?
  • Single and ready to mingle in England?  Here is hoping that the two percent of your population that looks good in lingerie are also Newcastle United fans.
As if I did not feel bad enough for England already.  First they had to deal with the heartbreak of the Chief declining duel citizenship when he turned eighteen.  And now comes word that only two percent . . . TWO PERCENT . . . of their population looks good in lingerie?  Ouch.  Well, at least we have a collection of videos for you that look in anything and everything.  I guess things are looking up for our English readers:
  • The Onion Sports Network prepares you for the first week of NFL action as only the Onion Sports Network can . . . with rape jokes.  Yikes.
  • To help the Chief make it through the first week of football without Peyton Manning since 1998, here are three of his favorite Manning commercials:  (1) laser-rocket arm, natch; (b) oh, CUT cut; and (iii) taking a hike.
  • New Era is almost making me want to buy hats again, thanks to its Rivalry campaign, which has now brought us John Krapulewski and proof that 9-1-1 for rich people actually exists.
  • You would think getting to bang Brooklyn Decker whenever you want would give you a cheery disposition, no?
  • Soccer fail?  Soccer fail.
  • Who knew BMX biking was so exciting?  Apparently these guys.
Before we bid you all adieu, we wanted to take a moment to remember all those lost ten years ago this Sunday on September 11th, 2001. The Chief was unable to come up with any words he deemed worthy enough to honor those who died on that, so he decided to add one extra video to this week's Link Dump.  It is the opening moments of David Letterman's first show after the events that have changed our country forever.  We remember those who lost their lives and give thanks for those who managed to survive.
Please, have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Down, But Not Out

Unfortunately, it looks like things will be dark at the GameTime, TBD© offices for the next couple of weeks.  Sadly, "actual work" is going to prevent us from getting you a Link Dump this week.  Plus, the end of summer comes next week in the form of Labor Day, and The Chief is off to Seattle to spend one final weekend with his friends celebrating the summer that was.  So we will be down for the next couple weeks.
But do not think for one second that we are going to send you off empty handed.  Usually at this point in time, we throw up a picture of an attractive female celebrity, usually blond, to help provide at least some of you (read: all male readers and those female readers that are awesome) a little pleasure for your Friday grind.  Well, a few of our readers commented that they felt uncomfortable reading our Link Dump because they did not know if, once the page loaded, there would be a huge picture of a scantily-clad hottie for all to see on their office computer.  So, as proof that we do take your feed back very seriously, and definitely do not want to negatively impact your ability to enjoy our site at all times, we will no longer be throwing up random pictures of scantily-clad attractive women, usually blond.  Instead, we will either provide you with a link to a picture of a scantily-clad attractive woman, usually blond, or embed a video of the same.
For our first go-round of this new strategy, we have a video.  Now, the video does not really need an introduction, but you are getting one nonetheless.  I had a dream last night and, while some of details of said dream are hazy at best, one part really stands out.  In my dream, My Better Half's entire wardrobe consisted of lingerie; and for some reason it was not seen as a sexual thing because it was just her wardrobe.  She was a kept woman in the dream, so she did not have to wear lingerie to work.  But, going to the grocery store? Cooking dinner? Going to the mall?  Nothing like a chemise and thigh-highs to get you through the day.  Now, anyone who knows us knows that I severely out kicked my coverage with My Better Half; certified smokeshow.  So in real life, this would not work because we would never leave our house.  But in dream land? I certainly am not going to complain.  And when I thought about what might have been the impetus for this dream (besides a general desire to see My Better Half in lingerie more often), I realized I had the video we are using to appease you all to thank.  Yes, it is two minutes and forty seconds of a behind-the-scenes look at a Sara Jean Underwood lingerie shoot (would you look at that, attractive female, usually blond . . . go figure).  You.  Are.  Welcome.

Have a great weekend everyone!